Creating a healthier Yuma together

Partnering for a strong healthcare future in Yuma.

As part of a careful and thoughtful process to determine the best way to advance healthcare in Yuma County, the Yuma Regional Medical Center (YRMC) Board of Directors has agreed to a non-binding letter of intent (LOI) with LifePoint Health to explore forming a joint venture that would build on YRMC’s longstanding legacy and advance healthcare services in the Yuma community.

This is an exciting opportunity for Yuma. YRMC has played a vital role in our community’s healthcare since 1958, and this decision reflects our Board’s vision for a strong future for healthcare and a desire to improve our ability to provide local access to a wide range of high-quality healthcare services.

Our Vision

A strong future for healthcare with an improved ability to provide local access to high-quality healthcare services.

YRMC has been able to achieve great growth and success in recent years. Now, we have a tremendous opportunity to join forces with a national healthcare leader who can help ensure YRMC continues to advance healthcare in ways we that could not do otherwise or on our own.

The goal of the potential partnership is to secure the best position possible to meet the health needs of our region today and for the future.

A Decision Rooted in Commitment to Our Community

The YRMC Board of Directors proactively engaged in a comprehensive process to evaluate the future of our organization. YRMC’s position of strength — both clinically and financially — allowed us to explore options from some of the most respected healthcare organizations in the country.

Our Board is committed to finding the right cultural fit for our organization and community — a partner who understands and shares our commitment to the community we serve. Through our ongoing conversations, it became clear LifePoint Health is that fit and the partner of choice to build on our legacy and advance healthcare in the Yuma community for generations to come.

Moving forward toward a partnership is the right next step.

The proposed joint venture with LifePoint would allow us to better serve the people of Yuma and surrounding communities, and to cement our system as a leader in Arizona healthcare.

Looking Ahead

This is exciting news for our community, but there’s even more work to do as we continue refining the details of this proposed partnership. The non-binding LOI is the first step in the process to potentially join the LifePoint family. Next, we will engage in mutual due diligence and good faith negotiations to fully determine the details of the definitive agreements. With the non-binding LOI in place, we look forward to working with Hospital District No. 1 of Yuma County regarding the details of the hospital lease. Pending further Board approvals, and standard regulatory review and satisfaction of customary closing conditions, we expect to finalize the partnership by the end of this year.

Nothing changes today, as we continue to focus on providing our patients with the same high-quality, compassionate healthcare services they expect from the providers and employees they know and trust.

We hope you’ll check back regularly for frequent updates and additional information!