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YRMC Board to Continue Process to Explore Potential Partnerships

By May 19, 2021No Comments

On Wednesday, Feb. 7, the Board of Directors had an engaging and successful planning retreat, and they are pleased with the continued progress in its growth strategy process. The Board continues to explore a number of exciting initiatives to further develop services and capabilities for the residents of Yuma Regional Medical Center’s service area, and they are also continuing to explore how some form of partnership with another health system might help execute YRMC’s growth strategies. Nearly a dozen healthcare organizations have expressed an interest in discussing a partnership.

The Board is learning more about how a potential partnership could help YRMC grow, and this process is still at an early stage. A decision has not yet been reached about whether YRMC will ultimately partner with another healthcare organization, or what form such a relationship might take. Identifying the best path forward for YRMC and for this community requires deliberate work, including meeting with some of these potential partners to become better acquainted and explore shared strategies and values.

There is much more exploration to be done, and the Board is excited about seeing what the possibilities are to make YRMC an even more valuable and special community asset. Today, any decisions about future growth will focus on commitment to the community, strengthening and expanding services and investing in YRMC’s future.  The work will take time, and the Board will continue to provide information and answer questions over the coming months.