About LifePoint

LifePoint Health is the right partner to move YRMC forward.

LifePoint is a national leader in the delivery of community-based healthcare, supporting the health and wellbeing of communities just like ours across the country.

LifePoint was founded in 1999 on the idea that everyone deserves quality healthcare close to home and that strong healthcare creates strong communities. Today, LifePoint operates in 29 states, including Arizona, where it currently has three hospitals: Canyon Vista Medical Center in Sierra Vista, Havasu Regional Medical Center in Lake Havasu City, and Valley View Medical Center in Fort Mohave. Its national network of 87 hospitals is united by a singular mission: Making Communities Healthier.

LifePoint brings a unique advantage to our community, using its established approach to high-quality, community-based healthcare and learnings from other markets to support the growth of YRMC and to build upon the strong foundation we have today. LifePoint is grounded by a unique culture that is dedicated to advancing its mission, vision and values through everything the company does. Its vision is to create places where:

People choose to come for healthcare

Physicians want to practice

Employees want to work

Across the nation, LifePoint employees work every day to uphold the company’s “high five” guiding principles:

Delivering high-quality patient care.

Quality is at the core of LifePoint’s mission of Making Communities Healthier. Its pioneering LifePoint National Quality Program ensures consistent, high standards of quality and patient safety across the organization, keeping patients and families at the center of every conversation.

Supporting physicians.

LifePoint offers physicians unique opportunities for growth personally and professionally. LifePoint believes physician collaboration is crucial to the delivery of quality care and works to build and maintain strong, supportive and productive relationships with physicians in every community LifePoint serves.

Creating excellent workplaces for our employees.

LifePoint recognizes that providing high-quality healthcare depends on the ability to find, keep and empower creative and determined people who care.

Taking a leadership role in communities.

LifePoint believes that leadership extends beyond the walls of their facilities.

Ensuring fiscal responsibility.

LifePoint uses a proven, disciplined approach to maximize efficiencies while keeping quality care at the forefront.